Learn more about our next project with Eric Red! Exclusive Interview: Eric Red (White Knuckle)


What is White Knuckle about?

It’s a terrifying cross-country thriller about a woman who is captured by an interstate truck driver serial killer and escapes from him. Years later, still haunted by the experience, she hires a long haul trucker and goes on the road with him to hunt down the deadly psychopath and stop him. The movie is female-driven with strong characters, with the emphasis on elevated suspense and tension, and high-octane action.

Read more about our upcoming project with Eric Red HERE.

Marlon Schulman, HEF CEO, speaks at Digital Hollywood!

Marlon Schulman, HEF CEO, will be speaking at Digital Hollywood on October 16th! Learn more about the event here.

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Marlon Schulman – Founder, CEO: Horror Equity Fund, Inc.: Marlon W. Schulman’s leadership in creating targeted, revenue-producing communities within the entertainment industry is enhanced by his intuition and passion. As an entrepreneurial producer and attorney, his specialty is the creation of diverse profit-driven entertainment products and services through innovatively conceived integration of proven strategies with new technologies. He has successfully completed numerous and profitable entrepreneurial initiatives, both within major entertainment companies (Bandai Entertainment, Orion Pictures, AECG), as well as in his independent and partnership entities (Wednesday Morning Productions, Realbuzz Studios, Libertas Law Group). Those projects were created to serve de-centralized, under-served, and in certain cases, un-recognized interest groups, resulting in new audiences and on-going revenue centers. His active, strategic stance at the crossroads of new technology, law, business and the creative arts has addressed voids in the marketplace and has led to the establishment of substantial, long-running revenue streams in the entertainment industry. Mr. Schulman has been a contributor and panelist at Digital Hollywood; PitchFest; ScareLA; Nashville Film Con; Comic-Con; NYC Comic Con; Boston University (LA Campus); and numerous other venues. He has written for Brooklyn Law School, , NYLJ, MovieMaker Magazine and others.

Madhouse Lawyer: Two Seasoned Attorneys’ Semi-Scary Overview of Indie Genre Production’s Necessary Legal Evils


While many indie moviemakers believe that they can find “anything on the Internet,” including cut-and-paste agreements, every situation is unique and demands that you have a trusted legal ally—someone who can assure that all your bases are covered.

With or without an attorney on board, however, it’s extremely useful if a moviemaker has an awareness of the many legal aspects of the production and distribution of a film. What follows is an overview of your impending legal journey as a indie genre moviemaker. 

Rights acquisition is essential for any moviemaker going the route of homage—using non-original source material (short stories, comic books, graphic novels, books, news articles, songs, plays, YouTube videos, podcasts, etc.) to tell their story. While the old saw “nobody can own history”—or historical figures—remains true, one must be aware of “right of publicity” suits.

Be aware that any “Story By” credit should be covered by a document between the moviemaker and the owner of the “story.”

Read the full Movie Maker Magazine Article, co-written by our CEO Marlon Schulman HERE.

6'8" MMA Heavyweight Steve Mowry Is Coming to a Cage and Movie Theater Near You

Steve Mowry is The Harvester.

When Mowry's talking favorite horror movies, you've got your old school and your new school. On the one hand, you've got The Shining and House of 1000 Corpses; on the other, you've got Insidious and The Conjuring.

What can you say? The guy's a movie buff. He likes musicals, too. His favorite is Finian's Rainbow. I've never heard of it, either, but I'm not going to argue with a heavyweight who stands 6'8", has a 4-0 pro MMA career, debuts for Bellator on Saturday and is The Harvester.

He can't share even the most seemingly basic of details, but producers recently cast Mowry as the titular villain in the forthcoming slasher film. No word on what his character may be harvesting, but my guess is souls.

Read the full article from The Bleacher Report HERE.

MMA Fighter Join Horror Equity Fund’s New Film, The Harvester


Horror Equity Fund, Inc. is very pleased to announce that MMA rising star, Steve Mowry, has joined the team of ‘The Harvester’. Mowry has been cast in the titular role of The Harvester. The story, written by HEF’s Brian Herskowitz and based on the graphic novel series “Rise of the Harvester” by renowned graphic artist Steve McGinnis, revolves around a hell-spawned, malevolent killer who is tasked with “harvesting” souls by his father, the king of Hell. The Harvester sets his sights on one very special child and it’s up to a courageous mother to keep her offspring safe.

Read the full article HERE.

Bellator MMA Fighter Steve Mowry In New Horror Equity Fund Movie!!

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Horror Equity Fund, Inc. is very pleased to announce that MMA rising star, Steve Mowry, has joined the team of The Harvester. Mowry has been cast in the titular role of The Harvester. The story, written by HEF’s Brian Herskowitz and based on the graphic novel series “Rise of the Harvester” by renowned graphic artist Steve McGinnis, revolves around a hell-spawned, malevolent killer who is tasked with “harvesting” souls by his father, the king of Hell. The Harvester sets his sights on one very special child and it’s up to a courageous mother to keep her offspring safe.

Read the full article HERE.

Horror Equity Fund fast-track Eric Red horror ‘White Knuckle’


The Horror Equity Fund have announced the latest horror-related project they have fast-tracked: White Knuckle, from one of my favourite writer/directors Eric Red, who is also the author of the action-packed novel of the same name. White Knuckle tells a gripping story of female empowerment about a woman who survives an attack by a serial killer, and then takes it upon herself to stop him from hurting anyone else.

Read the full press release from Nerdly by Phil Wheat here:

Horror Equity Fund fast-track Eric Red horror ‘White Knuckle’

Creator Of Near Dark & The Hitcher Partners With Horror Equity Fund For New Horror Movie, White Knuckle


Visionary writer/director Eric Red is teaming with Horror Equity Fund for the new horror movie, WHITE KNUCKLE. Eric has crafted a script and will helm the movie based on his novel of the same name. Horror fans know Eric as the writer of genre favorites, Near Dark (1987) and The Hitcher (1986). He is also the writer / director of Body Parts (1991) and Bad Moon (1996).

WHITE KNUCKLE tells a gripping story of female empowerment about a woman who survives an attack by a serial killer, and then takes it upon herself to stop him from hurting anyone else.

Marlon Schulman CEO, Brian Herskowitz CCO, and Tony Timpone EVP of Horror Equity Fund have signed on as Executive Producers and plan on taking this project to the next level of horror entertainment.

Click here to read the full press release at PromoteHorror.com!

HEF Horror Makeup Selfie Contest Winners Announced!

Wow! The talent submitted for this contest was INSANE! We were so excited to go through so many entries for our first ever #HEFselfie contest! Below are our top three winners! New contests coming at you very soon!

Congratulations to our top WINNER of the #hefselfie makeup contest @rubymediamakeup (also submitted via @love_special_effects )! Pesky Duct Tape! Head over to their Instagram and take a look at all of their amazing and cringe worthy #sfxmakeup ! We could spend hours looking at your work!



Congratulations to our 2nd place #HEFselfie winner, @rhnfx! Look at the detail on this one! And don't stop there! This artist has an entire body of work that will creep you out for weeks with it's realistic details!

Coming in at 3rd place the extremely talented @francescakmakeup with this Blair witch project themed body of work! Head on over to their page and check out all of their great projects! 

Hello Horror Fans! 

HEF is pleased to announce our Horror Makeup Selfie Competition!!!
To enter simply snap a photo of you in your horror themed makeup, and use the hashtag: #HEFselfie
Easy as that! 
Our team will review all the submissions starting Saturday, July 1st and winners will be announced Saturday, July 29th! 

Have a photo of your best Halloween costume? 
Use our hashtag #HEFselfie and enter it! *PLEASE make sure your Facebook photo is public so we can see it! ( This does not apply to Instagram)* 

We love new or old looks! 
Even if you did a HORRIBLE job at your makeup one day - we'd love to see just how horrible your makeup was! ;) #HEFselfie

Prizes: The HEF team will pick three (3) winners for this contest! 

Winners receive:
- Top three will will receive a free copy of "Process to Product: From Concept to Script: A practical Guide for the Screenwriter" written by HEF CCO Brian Herskowitz
- Top 13 will receive a special shout out on our social media

Make sure to head on over to our brand new website and REGISTER with us to receive updates on all our contests and upcoming projects! www.horrorequityfund.com!

Marlon Schulman & Brian Herskowitz to Speak @ DIGITAL HOLLYWOOD on May 3rd!

Both HEF CEO Marlon Schulman and CCO Brian Herskowitz will be speakers at this year’s DIGITAL HOLLYWOOD SPRING taking place May 3-6, 2016 @ The Skirball Center:

Brian will speak as part of The Hollywood Masterclass: TV, Film and Video – Packaging – Producing – Bundling – Distributing in a Cross-Platform World on Tuesday, May 3rd @ 1:15PM. Guerin B, in Herscher Hall

Marlon will be speaking as part of the Finance Panel on the topic of exploring innovation in the crowd funding film-TV-start-up process. This will take place on Tuesday, May 3rd @ 2:30 PM. Guerin B, in Herscher Hall