HEF Horror Makeup Selfie Contest Winners Announced!

Wow! The talent submitted for this contest was INSANE! We were so excited to go through so many entries for our first ever #HEFselfie contest! Below are our top three winners! New contests coming at you very soon!

Congratulations to our top WINNER of the #hefselfie makeup contest @rubymediamakeup (also submitted via @love_special_effects )! Pesky Duct Tape! Head over to their Instagram and take a look at all of their amazing and cringe worthy #sfxmakeup ! We could spend hours looking at your work!



Congratulations to our 2nd place #HEFselfie winner, @rhnfx! Look at the detail on this one! And don't stop there! This artist has an entire body of work that will creep you out for weeks with it's realistic details!

Coming in at 3rd place the extremely talented @francescakmakeup with this Blair witch project themed body of work! Head on over to their page and check out all of their great projects!