6'8" MMA Heavyweight Steve Mowry Is Coming to a Cage and Movie Theater Near You

Steve Mowry is The Harvester.

When Mowry's talking favorite horror movies, you've got your old school and your new school. On the one hand, you've got The Shining and House of 1000 Corpses; on the other, you've got Insidious and The Conjuring.

What can you say? The guy's a movie buff. He likes musicals, too. His favorite is Finian's Rainbow. I've never heard of it, either, but I'm not going to argue with a heavyweight who stands 6'8", has a 4-0 pro MMA career, debuts for Bellator on Saturday and is The Harvester.

He can't share even the most seemingly basic of details, but producers recently cast Mowry as the titular villain in the forthcoming slasher film. No word on what his character may be harvesting, but my guess is souls.

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