Madhouse Lawyer: Two Seasoned Attorneys’ Semi-Scary Overview of Indie Genre Production’s Necessary Legal Evils


While many indie moviemakers believe that they can find “anything on the Internet,” including cut-and-paste agreements, every situation is unique and demands that you have a trusted legal ally—someone who can assure that all your bases are covered.

With or without an attorney on board, however, it’s extremely useful if a moviemaker has an awareness of the many legal aspects of the production and distribution of a film. What follows is an overview of your impending legal journey as a indie genre moviemaker. 

Rights acquisition is essential for any moviemaker going the route of homage—using non-original source material (short stories, comic books, graphic novels, books, news articles, songs, plays, YouTube videos, podcasts, etc.) to tell their story. While the old saw “nobody can own history”—or historical figures—remains true, one must be aware of “right of publicity” suits.

Be aware that any “Story By” credit should be covered by a document between the moviemaker and the owner of the “story.”

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