Can I Invest in HEF?

Not yet, but soon!

Send us your contact information and as soon as the floodgates open, we'll let you know!

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Social Media Market

HEF’s active participation in the Social Media Market of Horror and its fandom, as well as HEF’s place in the Investment Market allows HEF to offer efficient, lower-cost services for individual projects.

Potential Lucrative Profits

HEF and Federation of Horror will offer the centralized community and general public both the excitement of the genre as well as lucrative profits from Horror-themed entertainment.


Building Horror

The Horror Equity Fund and Federation of Horror™ are being built now. Hammers, nails, stakes, shovels, candles and spells, as well as forces from Other Dimensions (lawyers) are all being utilized. And always, of course, with strict and proper adherence to SEC and FINRA rules and regulations!

When We Launch Our Campaign

HEF is being built with integrity for strength, stability, and transparency. We use our best efforts at all times to mitigate the risk to our potential investors.

HEF presently focuses primarily on equity and debt-based investment opportunities initially targeting accredited Investors who can immediately participate and derive benefit and profits.

Using traditional methods, these investors are presently sought privately, and not using Title II or “general solicitation.”

But HEF will soon target both accredited and non-accredited investors as well using the benefits of Title II, Regulation CF and 506 (c).

And HEF is being positioned for a massive Regulation A+ campaign and raise, appealing to its global affinity group as well as savvy investors.

HEF and its companion community site: Federation of Horror (a “stocked fishing lake” of rabid fans and followers) will exist to tap into this market and provide a robust vehicle for fans, professional creators and investors.