What is Horror Equity Fund all about?


Horror content creators, fans,  and investors are not being served by a unified platform.


Horror Equity Fund (HEF) was born of the necessity for a central place for professionals, fans, and investors to meet, offer services, find opportunities, discover content, and find funding for horror-centric projects. 

HEF is  that  UNIFIED PLATFORM for Fans - Pros - Content Creators - Investors. 

And paramount for investors is HEF'S focus on the  MITIGATION OF RISK.


What makes Horror Equity Fund different?

Horror Equity Fund brings together the best forces that are needed to fund, create, market and distribute all projects related to the profitable world of horror. Unlike those platforms that solicit donations or contributions in return for a poster, a broken download, or a pat on the back, projects presented through HEF offer real ownership, royalties, or profit participation. HEF melds the old with the new, as industry-savvy professionals guide the process of efficiently securing funds while keeping visions intact and costs as low as possible.

HEF Accomplishes Its Mission by putting the pieces together

Federation of Horror

Content – Funding – Experience – Community 

There are literally thousands of independent websites & blogs devoted to horror.
HEF and its companion community site, the Federation of Horror (FOH), will register individuals and aggregate thousands of individuals and websites.

HEF Horror Revenue Graph.png

HEF Project Funding Methods


  1. Direct - Invest in cherry picked projects for your specific interests
  2. Third Party - Traditional equity investments
  3. Equity Crowd Investment Platform - Unique HEF-managed funding campaigns

Imagine HEF as a Supermarket of Horror®

Our shelves may be lined with: 

Feature Films (or any parts thereof) - Trans-media projects -TV projects and pitches - Graphic novels - Library utilization

Merchandising proposals and products - Videogames - Author advances - Books from Publishers looking to exploit under-utilized ancillary rights

Studio financing and joint ventures - Original books & short stories - Collectible toys - Smart apps; or any other form of merchandising

Projects and proposals from Other Dimensions (now known or hereinafter discovered!)

Want to know more?

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